In the mist

Banano + Minecraft = Bananocraft

Yes, ser… now you can


  • Bridge the meatspace economy with the Minecraft Metaverse economy (check out an example)
  • Play a classic game enhanced by an added in-game cryptocurrency that is fast, feeless, and B.E.N.I.S. (If you have not been “yellow-pilled” yet, just click here, fren)

The Banano Economy Minecraft Plugin

  • Bananocraft runs on a plugin that was created by a well-known Banano community member, Kirby, and that plugin is open source with Java code available here
  • Anybody can run their own server with Banano as an economy with this plugin :)
    • That means you can, and you should, make a Bananocraft server, too!

Can’t Wait to Get Started?

  • Quickstart is here
  • or, if you just want servers, go here


This site, and the servers running on the domain are a “low maintenance” side project of mconstant. Nobody but you is responsible for your funds or your dignity / plz be smort, u / withdraw funds from your server accounts constantly and smile often. As much as possible all infrastructure here is:

  • Fungible
  • Immutable
  • Distributed
  • Fun…ky
  • FOSS
  • Checked into git and shared if appropriate
  • Meant to be shared and reused by anyone

Tech used

  • Minecraft servers and infrastructure deployed on “Unstoppable Cloud” as an AWS alternative paid by crypto
  • This site is deployed on using IPFS
  • for backups
  • Our Banano Node runs on Hetzner Cloud